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Welcome to my blog!

I feel like a kid in a candy store, really. Like the feeling I get when I see new mica colors! I am excited to have this new communication route and there are so many things to address and topics on which one can elaborate, however, I know exactly what I wish to share with you all first.

When I was a young girl, from the age of 7 to 17, I lived on a farm in the valley. My mother was a cosmetician and she would bring home samples from the store which she had received from the cosmetic companies. Upon receiving these small containers of creams in a shade of pink or blue, and creamy eye shadows with sheen, along with other beauty treats, I often pondered what were ‘they really made of’? Where were they made? These questions percolated within. Meanwhile, I noticed the lady next door as she picked stinging nettles and dandelions to create a natural brew or remedy of some sort. I was intrigued.

As I entered my late twenties, I wanted to understand more about what I was putting on my skin (and also, what I was putting down my drain). I began studying the ingredients of skin care products in earnest. This led to some surprising (and many disappointing) discoveries. The ‘natural’ products I had been paying handsomely for were not at all what they claimed to be.

I wanted answers, and continued researching cosmetics ingredients and production of skin and hair care products. I believed there must be a better way. I eventually found suppliers of plant-based, organic cosmetics ingredients and began developing my own concoctions. In my products such as creams, toners, and soaps, I would always include the healing properties of essential oils – and using my personal favourite scents; patchouli, tangerine, lavender, and neroli. I found this passion of mine needed to be shared – and I began teaching natural skincare classes in 1998. Today, I now offer fifteen workshops, including “Mineral Make-up” and I carry over 50 body care items. And so the story goes……

The intention of this blog is to open a channel through which I can share valuable information, accumulated knowledge and obtain feedback. I want you to be part of the continual growth of Scentimental Creations and Me Cosmetics!

Again, welcome all readers!

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