Aroma Mist Base


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Our Aroma Base is formulated with the “DIY’s” in mind. This customizable base allows you to create body sprays with ease by simply adding your own scent.  Create everything from yoga mat spray, deodorizing room spray to after shave and body!

This unscented base is for the body, face or any place. A light, delicate quick-drying mist with a scent that can be customized to your own personal preference by combining with any one of our essential oil blends. Our Aroma Mist is alcohol-free and is made up of organic aloe vera juice, hydrosols, witch hazel, herbal tinctures, purified water and blended with grapefruit seed extract to preserve. Great as a freshener for closets, linens, kitchens, vehicles or any space! On the skin, it moisturizes while providing a refreshing lift.