Sacred space for the home

LivingRoomA sacred space for a home…

Where we live is truly a sacred space. It isn’t just a place to eat, sleep, shower and get dressed. It is where we recharge after a long day and is a place where we should be able to relax, rejuvenate, have insights and also create beautiful memories. I believe what makes a home feel good is to come inside and see beauty in the things that you love, as well as a home that is clutter-free and most importantly for myself – my aromatherapy burner is always on!

I think the biggest step in creating a sacred space is to get rid of things that you don’t “light up” with excitement when you see it. When first beginning the minimalist lifestyle, de-clutter any unnecessary furniture which will invariably create more open space and of course open space allows energy to flow through effortlessly creating good chi. And try to incorporate the use of Feng Shui principles to organize the remaining furniture.  And most importantly, take the time to release unloved decor, duplicate items, old photos, and anything that you do not use daily or monthly. The key to creating beauty at home is to de-clutter absolutely everything which is not beautiful to your eye. Give it your best shot to be discerning and ruthless with this process.

And, while your in the midst of de-cluttering, have your aroma diffuser simmering – and I suggest  “Aphrodite delight” (bergamot, cinnamon, mandarin, and neroli).  A sweet synergy that adds a little harmony to the home!

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