From creamy cleansers to sweet earth facial masks, these elegantly formulated products are naturally nourishing for every face care need. Treat your complexion to the beauty benefits of pure botanical ingredients. Whether it’s calming sensitive skin, moisturizing dry skin or rejuvenating aging skin, there’s a beautiful solution for you.

WP facial scrub

Walnut Papaya Facial Scrub

A unique face and neck deep cleanser! Nourishing botanicals soften and hydrate skin while fine walnut and papaya granules remove impurities and exfoliate. This gentle cleansing scrub will keep skin clear and slough away dead, dry skin cells. Contains vitamin rich oils and lecithin, along with aloe vera, soy wax, vegetable glycerin, papaya powder, sunflower oil, ground walnut shell, essential oils of clary sage, juniper, lavender and rosewood.  Buy Now

SE facial mask

Sweet Earth Facial Mask

A combination of clays, the antiseptic and healing properties of this mask help control breakouts and regulate sebum production while facilitating healthier, clearer, hydrated skin. May also be used as a spot treatment for skin eruptions and acne-prone zones. Organic honey, vegetable glycerin,Vitamin E, green tea extract, grapefruit seed extract, red rustic clay, french green clay, kaolin clay, aloe vera gel, essential oils of rosewood and tea tree.  Buy Now


Supreme Facial Serum

This state-of-the-art serum provides a targeted blend of anti-oxidants and vitamins to fight free radicals and environmental stress. While moisturizing with fatty acid plant oils and key ingredients, it smooths fine lines with alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, DMAE, argan oil, organic extracts of bilberry, sugar cane, cranberry, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and vitamin B3. This nutrient packed serum is ideal for daily use to keep skin healthy and glowing.  Buy Now

finished prod1

Restorative Facial Oil

Regain that radiant look! Nourish skin with our vitamin rich formula to improve elasticity, regulate oil production and stimulate circulation in any skin type. It is also remarkably effective for treatment of eczema, psoriasis, extreme dryness, irritation and other skin conditions. Our Restorative facial oil contains a superior blend of sweet almond, jojoba, and organic hemp oil along with essential oils of chamomile, carrot seed, lavender and rose.  Buy Now

OA facial wash

Orange Almond Facial Wash

A superb deep-cleanser that you only need to use once a week. This unique combination of almond meal, orange peel, soy protein powder, aloe vera powder, organic oats and essential oils stimulates your skin while dissolving any build-up overlooked by the daily routine.  Buy Now

herbal facial toner

Herbal Facial Toner

Food for the skin! This herbal toner is an ultra-light hydrating liquid that increases skin moisture and smooths the skin’s surface while leaving a healthy glow. Contains aloe vera juice, herbal infusions, floral hydrosols, witch hazel and essential oils.   Buy Now

get lippy

Get Lippy Lip Care

Natural protection with vitamin-rich and healing ingredients of beeswax, carnauba wax, shea butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, honey, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and vitamin E with essential oils of peppermint and spearmint. For effective and super nourishing lip balm, keep it “Plain” and simple or protect lips’ delicate skin from the sun’s rays with “SPF 15”. If you want to keep your lips soft, supple, sweet and kissable, our “Chocolate”version contains Callebaut chocolate! Choose from Plain, SPF 15 or Chocolate.  Buy Now

camomile cleanser

Chamomile Cleanser

Chamomile Cleanser was developed for normal or sensitive skin that is easily irritated, prone to redness and blotchiness. Natural extracts help calm surface texture and fight the source of inflammations deep down. This extra-nourishing and creamy cleanser gently washes away surface impurities.This non-irritating formula contains aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, sulphated castor oil, herbal infusions and chamomile providing soothing, cooling relief and a healthier condition. Buy Now


Antioxidant Facial Mask

Nourish, tone, and remove impurities!  This wholesome facial treat contains acai berry, papaya powder, colloidal oatmeal, organic rosehip extract and orange peel powder.  Customize your own mask by adding a liquid of your choice.  Buy Now