Our Accessories section features various diffusers that naturally freshen the air in your home, office, or car. Purify the air, revitalize your mind and body, and improve your sense of well-being.

Soap maker?  You need a scale and a thermometer.   We have both.

Our Lavender sachets are Ideal for storing clothing, repels moths, car freshener, scent, freshen, and decorate a room, beautiful to look at and impart a fresh fragrance!

Or place our lavender eye pillow over closed tired eyes to soothe and rejuvenate.


Car Scenter

An aromatherapy diffuser designed especially for the car! Provides aroma therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and spirit for up to 3 hours. Includes 5 replacement pads and a 5ml Four Fruit.  Buy Now


Aroma Light Ring Diffuser

Instant, invisible aromatherapy for any room! Place the oil ring on any 60 – 75 watt standard bulb, add 5 – 10 drops of essential oil in the lamp ring with a small amount of water, and turn the light on. The heat from the bulb will diffuse the aroma for up to three hours.  Includes 5ml Aphrodite Delight.  Buy Now


Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Discover the transformative and aromatic power of essential oils throughout your home. The Basket Diffuser is made of lead-free ceramic and a 8″/20 cm tall wrought iron holder. The ceramic basket holds the essential oils, and beneath it sits the tea light. As the tea light burns, the aroma of any room in your home or office becomes that of the essential oil.  Available in white only.  Buy Now


Pocket Scale

The ideal scale for mineral make-up!  This stainless steel pocket scale is 100g capacity and 0.01g accuracy.  It provides high precision in a stylish package. And don’t forget the 5 year warranty Jennings throws in to back up each HP-100x sold.  Weighing modes include Grams (g), Ounces (oz), Carats (ct), Grains (gn), and parts counting. The HP-100x also sports a back-light LCD display for easy viewing.  Its low profile design resembling a checkbook, allows it to be taken anywhere.
2 x AAA batteries included.  Buy Now


Digital Scale

The 3001 scale is easy to clean and easy to use. Double-stopper protection, strong steel reinforced ABS plastic and modular construction makes these scales extremely durable.  Reads in grams, ounces, pounds and kilograms. This makes them perfect for home, office, kitchen and thousands of other uses. Features such as adjustable angle backlit display, last unit memory, HOLD feature, adjustable audible beep function, digital auto calibration and more.  Complete with plastic bowl and 3 x AA batteries.  Buy Now


Lavender Soother Eye Pillow

The Green Silk Lavender Eye Soother is perfect for sleep, travel, headaches and as a relaxation method. Lavender aids in calming nerves and tension as well as relieves headaches and migraines. Eye pillow prevents the light from coming through allowing the eyes to take a gentle break. To refresh the scent, simply roll the lavender flowers within the pillow between your fingers.

Eye pillow can be used at room temperature or place in microwave for up to 30 seconds maximum (do not overheat). Pillow can also be placed in the freezer for refreshing coolness (put pillow in a zip lock bag for 1 hour).  Buy Now


Candy Thermometer

Ideal for soap making, this durable thermometer withstands extreme temperatures between 110-400 degrees Fahrenheit for precise cooking. The easy-to-read blue temperature gauge, bold red numeral graphics, and prominent markings make it fast and easy to achieve accurate readings at a glance. It also features an easy-lift pan clip that fits snugly to the side of any pot or pan, as well as a safety grasp for comfortable secure gripping and added safety. This thermometer also includes a protective cover with a quick reference temperature guide for added convenience and is made of strong stainless steel and shatterproof industrial grade plastic.  Buy Now


Lavender Sachet

This small sachet is filled with an aromatic, tonic herb; dried lavender.  Ideal for bridal or baby shower favors; ideal for storing clothing, repels moths, on your desk; in your purse or backpack; on a package or place in special gift of clothing for a lovely scent when opened.

Each sachet is made from a small organza bag with matching ribbon. The organza bags are 3″ by 4″ before being filled with 70g of dried lavender. Aroma lasts up to six months, or longer.  Just give it squeeze every once in awhile to impart a fresh fragrance!  Buy Now