Natural Skincare Class Descriptions

Aromatherapy, the Art of Blending

Aromatherapy, the alternative form of healing! Learn the top ten essential oils and the therapeutic properties. Create a personal synergy (blend) in a roll-on, bath n’ body oil, a solid scent perfume, and a body spray. Recipes on bath oil, bath salts and pillow sachets.
2 hrs $30

Bath Bliss

Shower fanatics will convert! In this hands-on class!   Make six different bath bombs in a variety of scents and shapes and two different bath salts.  Plus  a bath ‘n’ body oil. Recipes on tub tea, vanilla cream milk bath and body polish. Please bring a shoe-box to class.
2 hrs $27

BEE Cause Body Care & More

Organic unrefined beeswax is the foundation for many nourishing body care products. The amazing wax actually locks in moisture allowing skin to breath and not only does beeswax keep us moisturized; it also will keep skin protected from the harsh environments.  Beeswax also works as a skin softener, and nourishes our skin too. In this class, make and take home a healthy lip balm, an herbal salve, honey & papaya facial mask, lotion bar and a beeswax aromatherapy votive candle. Also, receive recipes on furniture polish and owie balm.
$30.00 (2.5 hrs)

Body Basics

Exfoliate, Hydrate, Nourish! Learn to make botanical body care products: make and take home a ginger body glow, aloe body spray, hibiscus body wash and tropical body butter. Recipes on liquid clay masks, stimulating nail salve and body oils.
$30.00 (2 hrs)

Bridesmaids Beauty Bash

One of the best ways for the bride to celebrate her upcoming nuptials is by sharing time with family members, girlfriends and bridesmaids. Set aside 2 hours to indulge in a little pampering while spending time together before the wedding.   In this fun class, make and take home an aromatherapy roll-on, massage oil, body spray, edible lip polish and a love lotion bar.  Recipes on bath treats for two and body oils.  PLUS a gift for the Bride to be!
$35.00 (2 hrs)

Caffeine Skincare Routine

Discover the beauty benefits of coffee! Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, which can prevent premature skin aging and works wonders for toning skin. In this hands-on workshop, students will incorporate this ‘full bodied scent’ using organic coffee butter and coffee essential oil into a variety of body care products. Make and take home an exfoliating coffee n’ coconut sugar scrub, coffee n’ cream soap bar, coffee butter lip balm and a replenishing body oil. This is a great class for all coffee lovers or anyone who needs a little natural ‘get up and go” added to their current skin care regime!
$28.00 (2 hrs)

Clean ‘n’ Green

Eliminate nasty toxins in your home! Create environmen¬tally-friendly household cleaners: citrus cleaning powder, window ‘n’ glass shine, room fresh and oven cleaner. Recipes for bug repellant, disinfectant room spray, bed bug sheet spray and a microwave clean up.
$26.00(2 hrs)

Creams, Lotions & Hair Creations

Making your own moisturizing creams and lotions is simple, fun and affordable! The beauty of making your own products is the knowing exactly what ingredients are being used and combining in recipes that address your skin type and/or skin problem. In this fun and informative class, make and take home a vitamin packed cream, an aloe vera moisturizer, rejuvenating facial oil and an herbal leave in hair treatment. Plus recipes on masks, herbal shampoo and gentle facial scrubs.
$32.00 (2 hrs)

Face Value

From acne to rosacea, create natural facial care – food for the skin! Customize face products to meet individual needs. Take home a chamomile face cleanser, alpha hydroxy facial toner, almond oatmeal facial scrub and face cream. Recipes for hydrating facial spray and a wholesome facial mask.
$32.00 (2 hrs)

For Your Eyes Only

Create mineral makeup for your eyes! Fun, affordable and effective! With ingredients like earth oxides, butters, oils, waxes, and pre-blended bases, learn how to make your own natural lash mascara, mineral eye shadow, cosmetic eye pencil, and powdered mineral eyeliner. Learn alternatives to toxic chemicals that are in mainstream cosmetics.
$34.00 (3 hrs)

Friendly Gardener

Control pests that devour your garden! Eliminate toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides by making your “green garden” remedies; take home a soapy marigold insecticide, gardener’s soap bar, hand repair salve and a fungicide spray. Recipes for slug removal and insect repellent.
$29.00 (2 hrs)

Green Tea Skin Care

Anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients to create your own natural skin care products! Using organic matcha green tea, make and take home a green tea restorative facial oil, carrot n’ rosewood night cream, vitamin facial spritz, and a green tea n’ ginseng face wash. Recipes for face masks and toners.
$32.00 (2 hrs)

Hand Milled Soaps

Great Family Fun! In this hands-on class, create healthy hand¬made suds with natural herbs, spices, and scents using vegetable based soap blocks. Make a ginger n’ ginseng soap, an almond exfoliating facial bar, decorative soap balls, guest soaps and men’s shaving soap. Recipes for rope soap, dish-washing liquid and powdered hand-wash soap.
$32.00 (1.5 hrs)

Hair Care Only

Whether your hair is oily, dry, colour treated or dealing with dandruff or hair loss, this fun and informative “All Hair Care” class is for you! Using an array of herbal botanicals, aromatherapy oils and moisturizing shampoo bars, make your own nourishing hair products.   Make and take a black Jamaican castor oil scalp soother, dry shampoo, hibiscus n’ honey hair mask, and an herbal shampoo. Recipes on deep conditioner, a detangler and hair rinses.
$32.00 (2 hrs)

Head To Toe Body care

Natural “smile & style” toiletries! Make and take home your own tooth gel, herbal deodorant, mouth wash, and a soothing foot gel. Recipes for facial powders and a night repair serum.
$29.00 (2 hrs)

Hemp Makes Scents

Discover the amazing properties of Hemp Seed Oil! This exceptionally rich oil high in essential omega fatty acids and proteins absorbs well into the skin, and is very healing and rejuvenating. Make high-quality skincare products for all skin types from scratch! Participants will make and take home a hemp body lotion, hemp seed body exfoliant, heavenly hemp bath n’ body oil and a hemp seed soap.
$32.00 (2 hrs)

Home Spa Treatments

Treat cellulite and lymphatic drainage! In this hands-on class, make gratifying spa treatments at home. Make a coffee body scrub, contouring body wrap, cellulite lotion, and balancing body oil. Recipes for creams, foot scrubs and nail salves.
$29.00 (2 hrs)

Mineral Make Me Up

Are you currently using a mineral make-up and want to make your own for a fraction of the cost? Using an array of earth elements, butters, oils, waxes, and pre-blended bases, make and take home a foundation powder, mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, cosmetic pencil, a moisturizing lipstick and handouts with instructions from the class. Plus discussions on blending colours, mineral make up benefits and ingredient knowledge. Also receive recipes on liquid foundation and makeup remover.
$90.00 (4 hrs)

Mommy & Me

Get your botanical baby off to a great start, naturally! Easy, affordable, chemical and petroleum free! Make a barrier bum cream, chamomile baby powder, dream-time oil and a bedtime calming spray. Recipes on teething gel and aloe wipes.
$29.00 (2 hrs)

Natural Skin & Hair Care

Struggling with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis? Improve the look of skin and hair naturally by creating a balancing body lotion, herbal shampoo, citrus hair spray and a moisture lip balm. Recipes on hair rinses, conditioners and dandruff control treatment.
$30.00 (3 hrs)

Pampering Pet – For Your Fur Only

For your fur only! Discover the simplicity and affordability in creating your own pet care products; make herbal shampoo, deodorizing soap, herbal pet powder, tooth polish and an aloe ear cleanser. Recipes on deodorizing spray, flea collars and healthy baked snacks.
$26.00 (2 hrs)

Sheer Beauty with Minerals

Are you concerned about the ingredients in your makeup? If so, this course is for you! Learn about combining earth elements, butters, oils, waxes, and pre-blended bases to create your own mineral makeup! Make a lip gloss (wand applicator), lipstick, mineral face powder, and mineral eye shadow. Learn alternatives to toxic chemicals that are in mainstream cosmetics. Discussions on blending colours, mineral make up benefits and ingredient knowledge.
$35.00 (3 hrs)

Soap Making, Pure & Simple

Make high-quality, vegetable based soaps for all skin types from scratch! Participants will make and take home two different kinds of soaps, plus a finished soap bar. Recipes for pet soap, laundry soap and herbal shampoo. Please bring hand towel to class.
$34.00 (2 hrs)

Soap Making, Advanced

Are you ready to further explore your soap making skills and kick it up a notch? If so, this advanced cold process class is for you! Discover additional soap making techniques which includes “in-the-pot” creations. Learn to work with micas, oxides, natural colorants, and various essential oils to create swirls and layers. Plus discover how to turn soap trimmings and previous soap projects into batches that are fun and fascinating! Please bring a hand towel to class.
$33.00 (2.5 hrs)

Soaps Galore!

Soaps for even the kitchen sink! From scratch, make two different kinds of soaps and receive a sample soap bar. Plus hand-milled soaps with vegetable based soap blocks, herbs, spices and essential oils, make a ginger n’ ginseng soap, floral soap balls, guest soaps and men’s shaving soap. Recipes for pet soap, laundry soap, herbal shampoo, rope soap, a gardener’s bar and citrus dish-washing liquid. Please bring hand towel to class.
$58.00 (4 hrs)

Stout Suds – Natural Beer Soap Making

Beer – the great skin conditioner!  From pre-blended vegan bases, learn the basics of creating beer soap.  Previous knowledge of cold process soap making is NOT necessary.  Using a stout beer, create a cedarwood and lemon bar. Explore different ingredients, methods and techniques that you can use to create exciting soaps.  Learn about trouble-shooting, history and packaging/decorating your soaps!  Also receive a finished soap bar. Please bring hand towel to class.  Come to class scent free and bring an apron (or wear appropriate clothing).
$34.00 (2 hrs)

Summertime Skincare Products

Customize your sun protection – worry free! Look after skin and hair naturally by making your own beach and poolside essentials: tropical sun lotion, aloe after sun spray, chamomile hair treatment and a lip balm. Recipes for hair rinses and exfoliating body treatments.
$33.00 (2 hrs)