Belly Balm

A Buttery Belly Balm!

200g jar of custom made Belly Balm

So you’re with child! Congrats!

I know the Bliss Body Butter is heavenly and we all love to slather it on our body. However, during the first trimester (and 2nd too), its best to eliminate essential oils from your body care line. As I always say…….’when in doubt, keep them out’. The majority of essential oils have emmenagogue properties which stimulate the uterus and basically, bring on the baby! This, of course, is something we do not welcome at this early stage.

This balm is packed with vitamin-rich nut oils, butters galore, and infused hibiscus with aloe especially formulated to help lubricate the skin as the tummy expands during pregnancy. Scented delicately with neroli and tangerine essential oils as these oils are safe for use during pregnancy and are great for skin elasticity.
Apply regularly to help prevent stretch marks.

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