About Scentimental Creations

Our Mission

To extend our passion and knowledge about natural substances in creating wholesome skincare.

Our Vision

To inspire and educate the public about the benefits of pure and simple skincare with an emphasis on eliminating synthetic chemicals.

Freshly handcrafted in small batches in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Scentimental Creations combines intoxicating essential oil blends with wholesome raw ingredients to create a luxurious yet amazingly affordable line of high-quality body care products.

Our Story

Scentimental Creations began in 2002, with the goal of getting back to basics and reclaiming the original meaning of “natural” when it comes to the care of the human body, and the care of animals and the environment (no animal testing here.) With a commitment to creating nourishing effective products that contain no toxic ingredients or artificial preservatives, Scentimental Creations lives up to that philosophy, using only ingredients that come from the earth and are carefully sourced for purity as well as quality. There are no laboratories with questionable practices, no immoral operations, and no ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.

Enjoy your shopping experience at Scentimental Creations.

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Cheryl Theilade,
Owner and Creator

About Cheryl Theilade

Cheryl Theilade has been teaching a variety of classes on natural skincare for over twenty-six years for various Continuing Education Programs and Community Centres throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.  She has appeared on City TV, Vancouver Living and CBC radio, and contributed to articles in Magazine Coco, North Shore News, The Vancouver Sun and Shared Vision. Along with her enthusiasm, spirit and lively sense of humour, Cheryl shares her knowledge of using ingredients from nature with which to create affordable and healthy body care products. She offers tips on customizing skincare to suit your own needs or for someone special.

Scentimental Creations, through quality education and personalized service, is dedicated to empowering individuals in making their own products. Additionally, Scentimental Creations offers a wide range of high-quality ready made skincare products which are lovingly made by Cheryl and her staff.

Authenticity, education and passion are the essence of Scentimental Creations!