Vegan Solid Perfume

Not only are solid perfumes "small sized" and effortlessly compatible with throwing it in our tiniest purse, gym bag, duffel or bringing it anywhere our travels take us, but they're also spill-proof and laced with truly skin-loving ingredients (coconut, floral waxes, botanical butters, jojoba, and more) that offer solid moisturization as well as dosing you with amazing scents. Plus, these vegan solid scents are available in 3 scents:  Floral with Jasmine Wax (Mood Bloom), Citrus with Patchouli (Fruit Patch) and Tahitian gardenia (Monoi Joy).

For long-lasting wear, you simply apply on your main pulse points; like the wrists, the insides of your elbows, the base of your neck, and behind your ears.

Net wt. 30g (1.0 oz)  placed in an Eco-Friendly Push-Up tube made from paperboard / cardboard material. The bottom disc can be pushed upward to dispense the product.

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